Forgotten Spells - VR Magic Duel (PC)

Be an ancient god and enter a great VR duel!

Using the VR technology you become a great god capable of magic spells to destroy your rival on the other side of the canyon. Forgotten Spells is a 1-vs-1 VR simulation game that uses predefined gestures to fire fireballs, meteors and snakes and if you are on the defensive side: a shield.


  • Vivien Baguio - Programming (mostly Gesture Recognition, some VFX, Gameplay)
  • Julian Viezens - Programming (mostly Networking, VFX, Gameplay)
  • Mathew Varkki - Designer (3D Modelling, Shader, Textures)


  • HTC Vive
  • Unity 5 Engine (Programmed in C#)


Sample Match

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