Sands Uncharted - Procedural generated deserts (BA thesis)

Thesis abstract

The task of this thesis is the developement of procedural generated desert terrains for a cartography adventure. Using the Marching Cubes Algorithm, a multithreading system and features like vegetation and multiple biomes, pseudorandom desert lands have been created. Moreover this work goes into detail how the terrain tool of Sands Uncharted and its features work. At last, improvements of the tool are discussed and a few more approaches are being processed to solve following problems like level of detail seams and advanced texturing.


  • Vivien Baguio - Programming (procedural generation of deserts)
  • Julian Viezens - Programming (Smartmapping tool entirely based on rendertextures)
  • Annika Walter - Concept, Art, Design


  • Developed 2015
  • Prototyped in Unity 4 Engine (Programmed in C#)

(Please contact me to review my thesis paper and prototype)

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