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Experience futuristic fashion made by machines and their failures

Imagine one day that fashion will not only be produced but also engineered by faulty machines. By hand scanning real clothing, AnSo has developed a style, where the errors of the scans contribute to the art itself.
This application lets you experience the scanned fashion in a digital art gallery, using Valve's virtual reality technology HTC Vive.

Collaboration between Fashion Design and Game Design

This project merges two seemingly incompatible worlds: the world of fashion and the game developement scene. It will be displayed at the college-wide "Work in Progress Show" in London by the RCA.


  • AnSo Goschin - Project Lead, Concept, Design, Idea, Artwork
  • Vivien Baguio - Programming, Level Design


  • Developement in 2017
  • Unity Engine 5
  • Programmed in C#

Part of the workflow is to post-process the 3D scans using MeshLab. Mainly the scans have to be cleaned up and reduced to a lower vertex count. The vertex colors get baked into a texture as well.

Early lighting-test screenshot of one model and a tunnel-like structure by taking the inside of one scan.